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Back to the Pi. Going to get it starting Syncthing automatically tonight.

Catching myself starting to slip "owo" and "uwu" into my code along with other metasyntactic variable names like "foo", "bar", and "baz"

~ Searching through the Rare Books collection in the university library ~

Librarian: Can I help you? Are you looking for something?

Me: Yeah, so there has to be like a cursed amulet or something that I can use to trap Alexa, Siri and Cortana in forever, right?

Librarian: Haha (waits for other patron to leave) follow me

Studying React and listening to Jello Biafra on Spotify.

Need to visit the library and check out some of his CDs for ripping. Lost mine in the first divorce.

I put in my contacts and literally saw a code change I needed to make.

Not a prescription thing between contacts and glasses, just a mental refocusing thing.

All right going to try using Firefox as my default browser again. It'll be like old times. I haven't been mad at lazy Web devs since IE was dominant.

Definitely the best possible (ab)use of an embroidery machine. #gritty #philly


@garrett - because he can't figure out why people follow him.

@drwho - fellow cron job

@djsundog - resident force majeure

@ella_kane -Lt. Emojo, overwhlemingly friendly

@ellakane_ebooks -mildly psychotic

@lilithsaintcrow -cool person... a friend of mine in the void.. happens to be kind of a big deal...

@swirlz -an interesting character, fellow mad scientist

@Rob_T_Firefly -hacker/maker/radio personality... one of us.

@HackerRadioShow -Official 2600 account.

@fidgety -resident purveyor of Dollar Store hellgates

@jerry - Why? because I can.

@ryen - friendly beast from the east, taker of memory

@remotenemesis - just this robot, you know?

@tek - cool commentary

soooo many more...

a hat for a Christmas party.

Their white elephant gift exchange is a chance for me to use up more yarn stash!

Happens every time. I share one track from the Beatrock label, then I gotta spend an hour listening to more from their artists.

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