@rands it's not too bad, it takes a while to get used to though!

@rands I'm on a different instance, so I guess by default I only have 2 columns here


@ryanmr How does one end up on a different instance and does it matter?

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@rands You're on .social and I'm on .cloud -- when I made my account, .social was full.

Many instances are themed, so you could make an instance around a topic/theme and people could chat about it. But you can also connect among instance like we are - which is the federated part.

@rands it is! the idea is that if you don't like the policy / rules of your instance, you can go to another, or make your own. I like to think of it like WordPress for blogging but for Twitter

@rands sorry, it's hard to describe! the wiki entry describes the federation part a little better en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon

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