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Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World – A fascinating documentary about the life of Thomas Sowell, one of the greatest economists, political philosophers, and authors. youtube.com/watch?v=WK4M9iJrgt

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@minnow looks great. Actually this needs to be a focus for the community before ISP’s start blocking everything.

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@drbitcoinmd well, they actually can ban Bitcoin right now from being used, even at the ISPs level. The AWS ban was just a sneak peek of what comes to everyone who they see as their enemy. Only a censorship-resistant nonKYC'd physical layer like the will enable a truly permissionless

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the Turpial dev-kits are ready to be manufactured and shipped!

Latest update: twitter.com/locha_io/status/13

You can pre-order the Turpial dev-kits here: locha.io/#pre-order

Chat, browse the web, mine, block sync and use Bitcoin in a censorship-resistant way, during blackouts, infrastructure failures without needing access to the Internet

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#LochaMesh es un proyecto genial y muy importante. Un proyecyo de red en malla que nos quiere traer pagos (con Bitcoin y Monero), comunicación y transferencia de archivos sin necesidad de internet.

El acceso a internet es algo de lo que no nos podemos fiar para siempre. Puede caer en cualquier momento, puede ser bloqueado facilmente y es completamente centralizado.

Las redes en malla son una gran solución a este problema y, al igual que las criptomonedas, da a los usuarios todo el control.


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