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Great privacy software exists. But what the world needs next is privacy infrastructure on which to deploy that software.

To make your own infrastructure, just install the free private server system on a single-board computer.

We like the LIME2 made by Olimex. What single-board computer do you like?

Linux and “open source” in a nutshell, from the horse’s mouth:

“There is a genuine reason to worry. My desktop is free but my data and applications (which run in the cloud) aww not … what do you care about more – just that the code is open or also about the business practices as well?”

Linus Torvalds: “Personally, I only care about the code. When I say maybe there are people who worry about walled gardens and cloud provides who take ownership of your data, I am not one of those people.”

We've also posted video of this session!

WATCH: Eben Moglen: “The New Consensus and Its Aftermath” (SFLC Fall 2018)

Eben Moglen on the about :

"The rules of sharing have paid out very nicely. We have come to a place where we can almost all agree about them. That consensus is enormous...We have won as to how to make software, but we have not won the saving of human liberty from the technology of digital computation..."


“I’m against surveillance capitalism but Google’s service is listed first on my app because it is so popular” is the “I’m against the tobacco industry but I offer anyone coming into my home a cigarette because smoking’s so popular” of tech.

If you offer people easy access to cigarettes without so much as a warning about the risks, you might want to reconsider whether you really are against Big Tobacco or whether you’re doing their bidding.

Tip #2 :Wondering whether your personal data is for sale on the web? Monitor helps you check your email addresses and usernames against lists from 120 known breaches

Free Software Movements around the country have the responsibility of educating the masses about the importance of Software Freedom. Let's understand the importance of Free Software.

Registrations are open of FSMK Camp 2019.
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