@stux the only thing I like about nuclear reactors, the Cherenkov effect ☢️

@ranx I just LOVE nuclear reactors :blobcatgiggle:​

Still the best option for energy at the moment if you ask me :bloblaugh:​

@stux sure... :thinkerguns: ... :tinking: ... :thinkhappy: ... :thounking: ... 🤔 ... :thonking: ... :thaenkin: ... nah!

first find a safe way to store its waste then consider the possible disasters like powerful quakes, tsunamis, floods, faulty diesel generators, faulty water pumps, faulty humans, out of the blue volcanoes.

still nah... not this nuclear (fission) 🙅🏻‍♂️

@ranx @stux Given that we already have huge amounts of nuclear waste, producing a bit (or a lot) more isn't going to make that problem appreciably worse. As for safety, nuclear is one of the best choices. Dam collapses and mining accidents have killed far more people.


@mansr @stux yes but after such events (dams etc) you still can rebuild and live in the affected area immediately after. thing that's impossible with a severe nuclear accident

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