@pela0yakuza i'm more of a meat πŸ₯© kind of guy 😬

@pela0yakuza ahhh pesce spada!... oh too bad... I don't like fish πŸ˜•

@pela0yakuza we need an english translation here πŸ˜‰

@alx topping up oil at 2:30am is a bit too much πŸ™‚

I thought to watch Godzilla King of Monsters but I have to wake up early and prepare rice salad πŸ™„

old/low quality pictures/screencaps present on my hard disk: 4 jan 1991. what's left of , after standing in line for primary needs... moscovians in line for snacks... I'm old enough to remember the Raider (that's how Twix was called before)

@probe these are exclusive of the supermarket chain where I go. it's a cooperative, hence the brand COOP

@alx wait ... πŸ€” didn't you say GMa lives in Monaco? How loud are your exhausts!? 🀣

@probe I thought so πŸ™‚ making fresh pasta and sauce from scratch is time consuming. I also buy instant sauce... 😏 I discovered these (do not search, they are impossible to find in the USA 🀣 ), they cost more than widely distributed Barilla but taste better. wild boar sauce <left> chianina meat sauce <right>

@alx you also can find: affogato al caffΓ¨/whisky/irish cream but my fav is always the choco one πŸ™‚

@alx affogato al cioccolato you mean?😁

@probe I remember my parents had the same scoop at their gelateria back in 1980 but it wasn't very practical using it for work 🍨

@alx I prefer the old Alpine over the Lotus (Esprit?)

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