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…part of a drawing pack I am going to release on day

[Paris] J’expose le web P2P avec @louisedrulhe à partir du 3 mai. Venez nombreux.ses!

Open Hashworms, my last small project with Beaker Browser


CC BY NC is great, but NOT free software. Free software means freedom to run, study, improve, redistribute *and* sell. If a license does not permit users to make copies and sell them, it is a nonfree license.

J’en ai vraiment plein le cul de la pluie

Parisiens, j’expose mon trvavail du 3 au 13 novembre au 22 Rue Muller. Show more

Parisiens, j’expose mon trvavail du 3 au 13 novembre au 22 Rue Muller. Show more

When an ex-student send you the name of the studio where she will start to work and you discover a fork from a font that you groupmade 11 years ago in Poland.
The W Drogę font by OSP, and the YG Droge by Groupe CCC.
github.com/groupeccc/YG-droge mastodon.social/media/KF5oa8Su

has released an image-discussion feature in their latest version. I think it's a nice step in bridging the gap between designers and devs. Will need to see how useful this is and if other famous repo platforms follow the trend. docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/discus

Mon frère et sa copine ont fait france -> laos en 2CV. Ils veulent sortir un film de toutes leurs aventures et vous pouvez les aider !
kisskissbankbank.com/noria-pro mastodon.social/media/xgwU2tbE

What is the difference between USA and USB? Show more

⚪ a man
⚪ a woman
🔘 a freesoftware distribution who tries to make sysadmin accessible to everyone because we need everyone to decentralized Internet!

and I'm looking for:
🔘 users 💕
🔘 volunteers with all sort of skillz (communicating, programming (python/shell/lua), sysadmin, UX, html/css/js, translating, you name it!) that wants to join our adventure to improve the world, have fun and makes software that matters for humans 😊

Join us \o/