I'm preparing a workshop and I'm looking for answers on Free/Libre Open Source software #tools in French #education.. Je suis a la recherche des reponses autour des logiciels libres dans l'education francaise, pour un workshop lundi (oui)

--> Questions:
-- Who is behind apps.education.fr/ ? Floss tools in French education
-- Is this lobbied? What's the scope?
-- why the academies?

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-- Qui est derrière apps.education.fr/ ? Outils FLOSS dans l'enseignement français
-- S'agit-il d'une stratégie d'organisations specifiques? Quel est le champ d'application ?
-- Pourquoi les académies ?

Looking for a #FrenchConnection #floss

You can answer me in French 💫
Vous pouvez me repondre en francais 🌟
Mercikes!! Dankuwel

@Supergeante @aprilorg

Cascade is
💦 lightweight
💦 easy to learn if you know CSS
💦 able to create nested and euclidean rhythm patterns
💦 open source and still a work in progress
💦 the missing link between graphic and sound composition

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I am currently working on a CSS to sound live-coding system called Cascade. 💦 Watch a commented demo here: peertube.social/videos/watch/4

It is still strange for me to browse those pages as they are so much related to the lockdown. The project still hold a mystic aspect I don’t fully understand and for that I am proud of it.

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Exactly one year ago, I started evasive.tech, a fable written and coded during 35 days of the lockdown.

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