Dessin++ est un prototype de dessin numérique qui vous permettra d’expérimenter et redécouvrir le dessin, ainsi que d’imprimer votre propre fanzine. Il sera à la disposition du public ce week-end 22, 23 juin à La Parole Errante (Montreuil) lors du Salon Fanzine Festival.

I am learning the hard way that raw sound (synthesis puredata) with in-ear headphones can have painful consequences

The #Relearn #curve continues in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of June. This session focuses on computed layout:

" Since 2013, several initiatives have been experimenting with making printed publications using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of CSS regions. This feature is necessary to produce multi-paged publications and since its removal from Blink (2014) and in WebKit (2017), users are trapped with old versions of WebKit. Sticking to older version is still viable today but for how long? "

Hey! I made a game:

It is a game you play in the URL.
Burl is in development. It’s also free software!
Follow its dedicated account: @burl to

For the first time, I voted by pushing a button. Knowing what buttons can be, I am sceptical.

Do you also use the url bar to remove text formatting? I do that a lot. (paste in url bar, cut, past in textarea)

I started working on my first video game. But I first need to finish another project. Torture.

In case you haven't seen it yet and you're in the neighbourhood (that's Brussels), we're opening the Ways of Connecting exhibition for 3 extra days. We're having Evan Roth's Red Lines (networked piece on submarine internet cables, with a P2P aspect), and Renaming the Web by @raphaelbastide & Louise Druhle, based on Dat, Beaker and Raspberry Pis ;)

@pixelfed Is it possible to create a Pixelfed bot right now? If not, in the future?

Shell script for collating/imposing a one-sheet mini zine layout from a 8-pages PDF document, using the Open Source command line tool pdfjam:



pdfjam --angle '180' --outfile /dev/stdout -- $input_pdf 1,8,7,6 | pdfjam --nup '4x2' --landscape --frame 'false' --outfile $output_pdf -- /dev/stdin - $input_pdf 2-5

#zines #zine #minizine #opensource #commandline

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