Most artists I like end making squared 30sec videos, wow. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

Super excited to announce the release of paperback #Aesthetic #Programming: A Handbook of #Software Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

I remember when I thought "Who on the internet will buy those .work .club .land .tech... funny TLDs, certainly not me!"

If you want to change your digital device for one that consume less, you will have to wait 5 to 33 years to pay off (CO2 cost) the new device production.

New piece: Snow on GPU
Melting HTML asterisks powered by commented javascript. Laptop @mntmn image by Paul Klingberg

Here comes Anthony, our latest release! German based Korean designer Sun Young Oh created Anthony as an homage to the British sculptor Anthony Caro. The form of this typeface comes from his sculptures that are leaning against each other.

It’s crazy hard to find CC pictures of laptops that are not Mac.

#theWorkshop #mutsuacen

Last week I released my latest side project: an application to create animated and interactive drawings.

It's not really a tool, more a toy designed to have fun.
I'll share more about it in the coming days

enjoy ->

So, after one year of read-write time about computers I thought of having a Mastodon première of The User Condition, a looong text on computer agency and behavior. Here's the link, enjoy:

Of course I'm profoundly grateful for the help that I received from all of you people here (check acknowledgements at the bottom).

Needless to say, I welcome feedback, criticism, bug/misspells reports and whatever else comes to mind :)

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Great podcast about orca, its design, inspirations, the influence of the community around it… thx @neauoire

It’s been a long time it’s online, it is still visited (40v/d), and I had lots of fun manually updating it for years. But now I think it deserves another life. Ideally another webmaster.

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