Spécimen Avara, a 12 pages zine raphaelbastide.com/avara/book.
Made in collaboration with @lucaslebihan@twitter.com @velvetype@twitter.com

Moi : Google, je ne te porte pas dans mon cœur, je supprime mon compte.

Google : AH OUAI? Et bien tu vas le regretter…

1 an plus tard…

Also, make sure to see the last contributions to by @osfa@twitter.com and me!

(open this link with @BeakerBrowser@twitter.com)

I’ll speak Saturday in Brussels for “Reclaim the web!” imal.org/en/event/p2p-web @imalorg@twitter.com

and Sunday at @gaitelyrique@twitter.com at “L'Amicale des Télécoms” gaite-lyrique.net/evenement/la

See you there!

Putting my #iMAL hat on again to tell you about the thing I've been working on in the past few months:


Our first speaker this Saturday will be Hunor Karamán aka @kodedninja

He'll introduce the #P2Pweb and the #BeakerBrowser.

Later in the afternoon, he will also animate a hands-on #Beaker #workshop with @raphaelbastide


Laidout as an example of a working #publishing #software from an artist who claim the weird and idiosyncratic nature of its project, with a incredible tendency for redoing everything from it's own perspective, software as a #learning tool. Thanks for that also @tomsart

« Soutenons notre Internet »

Cette année, pour notre campagne de don, on vous parle de l'Internet pour lequel on se bat. Plongez dans notre Internet avec cette première vidéo poétique !


Pour nous soutenir : laquadrature.net/donner/

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