« Soutenons notre Internet »

Cette année, pour notre campagne de don, on vous parle de l'Internet pour lequel on se bat. Plongez dans notre Internet avec cette première vidéo poétique !


Pour nous soutenir : laquadrature.net/donner/

Still acting as the non-official communication channel for iMAL:

1 December 2018, #Brussels 🇧🇪

Discover and experience the P2P web! Talks & workshops with Zenna Fiscella, @raphaelbastide and @kodedninja


I asked my students to make video narratives with video screen captures only: In Screen Cinema


Hi @nutomic, what is the file size limit for the uploads on peertube.social?

Nous donnons un ballon d’exercice physique - Montreuil / Bagnolet

My students can’t publish on Peertube because it doesn’t allow uploads for new users. Should I tell them to use Youtube instead? : [

How to survive as an artist?
Each day during #Bâtard Festival, #Caveat will introduce an artist's proposal as a sharing ground for thoughts, discussions, and reflections on authorship, value, economy, distribution, participation.
30/10→3/11/2018 at #Beursschouwburg
1/11: #OSP workshop

Now at #radicalnetworks in Berlin.

You can follow live or watch the conferences after.

I'm giving a suprise (for me) talk on Sunday on #networksofonesown

It will be a performative version of this excellent collective writing tool.


Beer is so cheap in Berlin… In a way I am happy not to live here.

ah ok that’s not a secret
“Also some of the soundtrack of the Minecraft game. My kids were playing that and I thought that sounds pretty much like some of mine.” groove.de/2014/12/25/25-questi

Aphex Twin’s piano pieces =~ C418’s Minecraft theme

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