Thread: Did you know I don’t tweet from Twitter but I toot from Mastodon? Why do I do that? [1/6]

Mastodon is an open source federated social network that I use and enjoy since Jan. 2017 and since about 1 year, my massages on Mastodon are sync. to my twitter account. The interface can be compared to Twitter’s but the architecture of the network is decentralized. [2/6]

By design, Mastodon allows multiple kind of communities (instances) to be created, each can have specific rules, interests, interfaces… All instances are compatible with each other because their share the same standard : ActivityPub. [3/6]

ActivityPub is really cool: it allows a compatibility between all the platforms based on it. I can subscribe to my video feed in Peertube from my Mastodon account, and retoot my image feed based on Pixelfed. [4/6]

All those platforms may not be for you, but if you are curious, you can start with this article [5/6]

And if you have a Mastodon account, come say hi!
You can also subscribe discreetly to the RSS of my Mastodon feed, if like me, you are a RSS lover. [6/6]

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