The project was supposed to be a quick daily code / graphic exercise but some unexpected CSS constraints made it a bit more interesting to develop:

CPU usage: I try to limit the page impact on runtime performance. To do so, I stop or limit animations from a version to another. I also avoid using too many filters, shadows, complex gradients…

Elegant CSS animations are actually rare: I have to pick carefully what to animate on each element, most of the time, the first attempts are not as smooth or subtle as expected. z-index, background-image, gradients, border-styles and many more properties can’t be animated. I have to compose with what remains with care.

Colors: From the beginning, I wanted to limit the color palette to grayscale. This limitation makes the whole corpus look alike. That forces me to make really different graphic compositions.


Conclusion: the work is really about transitions. All the constraints I chose (or not chose) to adopt, allow me to focus on the transitional states of the composition. It’s a bit more hard that I expected, but I am happy this way. Also, I am writing about it, I guess it’s a good sign.

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