I am currently working on a CSS to sound live-coding system called Cascade. 💦 Watch a commented demo here: peertube.social/videos/watch/4

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Cascade is
💦 lightweight
💦 easy to learn if you know CSS
💦 able to create nested and euclidean rhythm patterns
💦 open source and still a work in progress
💦 the missing link between graphic and sound composition

@raphaelbastide This has inspired me enough to reinvigorate some experiments I was doing with others, many years ago to make a "Pixels and Lines Orchestra". I really dig this!

@praxeology That sounds cool! Show me stuff when you want, I am curious!

@raphaelbastide I can't do much right now as I have a deadline and a freelance gig that I have to get done. But I want to do a project with my students where instead of making graphics as an invisible, individual, mysterious process, we make them performative, collective and transparent – with dope sounds! I will definitely come back to you in a month or so when I really start.

@raphaelbastide super cool, jadore le fait qu'il soit possible de jouer avec l'animation !

@raphaelbastide very refreshing work :)
I just came across this festival call, might be of interest

@mara Thanks for the link and the support! I have already submitted a talk / performance about Cascade for next libregraphicsmeeting.org/ but I can do both :-)

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