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I wonder if someone has study "fossilisation" in the FOSS world, there is a bunch a of key important tech that have very badly evolved and no one want to touch them anymore and those are often super critical and require a shitload of knowledge to learn correctly (and that totally sucks).

The ones I can think about (but I'm sure there more):
* mails (oh_god.jpg)
* mailing list
* gpg
* openssl

(I'm also tempted to say "anything related to netadmin" but that would be trolling 😋)

@bram Question is: what is the border between «fossilisation» and «no reason to change that». I am thinking about core and powerful tools such as the terminal, git (not so old), IRC…

@raphaelbastide right now I would answer: when tech become so disastrously complicated to administrates/uses while they are deeply needed and that blocks people.

That matches for all the one I've listed for me.