New piece: Snow on GPU
Melting HTML asterisks powered by commented javascript. Laptop @mntmn image by Paul Klingberg

Sometimes I need to suggest modifications in a plain text document, without losing the original text. This notation can help you too:

My open source font Terminal Grotesque in this altered version by Jérémy Landes, is used in the start page of the Tor browser @torproject. And THAT is a great news my friends.

Sticker packs can’t be updated on @signal Bummer! Here are the ones I designed today that can’t join the original pack.

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Recent work: Neighbird. I have been asked by The Poetry Project w/ The Feminist Bird Club, to create web pages honoring writings by poets from various backgrounds and locations.

Ce soir, je vous propose une visite commentée d’ dans le cadre du colloque Confinement, viralité et formes de vie. Information et inscription :

During the last lockdown, I imagined, wrote and coded an online fable, day after day, without exactly knowing where it led. Discover the 35 scenes of

Last day of a very productive workshop I gave at Merz Akademie. Students have been asked to choose one object per workshop day, and create an artistic web page dedicated to it. 💓

Day 31 (last day) of a version based composition, developed each day of October 2020. The page is made of 31 <time> elements, that gets individually styled day after day.

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