peertube video hosting available 

@scanlime Yes, but I also like to be part of a communty! Thanks for the welcome. I’ll think about that seriously.

peertube video hosting available 

@scanlime I am interested, as I recently have important technical problems with I only wonder about you server’s longevity. Here is my content

@focus404 @frankiezafe @xuv @yhancik @hansup “You want eyecandy, easy to digest digital art piece? Here we go, it was already prepared for instagram.”

@focus404 @frankiezafe @xuv @yhancik @hansup It sure does. But what I find sad, more thanthe square format (why not!), is to discover rich interactive pieces reduced to plain short videos

Most artists I like end making squared 30sec videos, wow. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

@polylogue Je suis en plein dedans aussi, je me reconnais dans tes problèmes et solutions.

@yhancik an incertain climate of fear which calls back old hierarchical structures instead of breaking it

Super excited to announce the release of paperback #Aesthetic #Programming: A Handbook of #Software Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

@siusoon Well done, beautiful project. I am in love with the acknowledgement script <3

@setthemfree Yes, with a discrete (?) button for instance. That what I usually do to keep the immersion in the work intact.

@setthemfree That is a great piece. The intro page, especially the instructions made my experience a bit more expected. I would have prefered to know more after entering the piece.

@focus404 All the fonts on my system are active. The ones I like but don’t need, are classified on

@focus404 I don’t, just adding / removing it manually from ~/.local/share/fonts/ (Debian). A shortcut to this folder is my only tweak.

@M_PF Did you already consider Harm van den Dorpel’s work, especially Mutant Garden and Death Imitates Language?

I remember when I thought "Who on the internet will buy those .work .club .land .tech... funny TLDs, certainly not me!"

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