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“Every single day, more hours are spent looking at a screen than looking out of a window, the screen is our new landscape. Who defines and who depicts this landscape?”

An online exhibition curated by Constant Dullaart, with @raphaelbastide, Chris Collins, Petra Cortright, Sam Lavigne & Tega Brain, Jan Robert Leegte, Zach Lieberman, Rosa Menkman, Luca Napoli, Katja Novitskova, Suzanne Treister, LaTurbo Avedon

[FR] Visite commentée de mon dernier projet aujourd’hui à 13h, en streaming, en français, sur
Ouvert à toutes et tous.

When I see this kind of demo page, I want to print a poster of it. Repetition, non aesthetics-based choices, imagery from various sources…

My old ipad (1st gen) can’t run any modern browser. Any solution?

After 35 days, more than 4000 lines of code, 155 lines of prose, 1 cool article in a national newspaper and 1 online exhibition, my project ends today.

My Inspiring Artist list of 2020:
Eli Keszler 🥁
Louise Drulhe 🐕
Lexie Smith 🥖
Viktor Timofeev 📏

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