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If I change the license of my software v2, does it also affect the v1?

Any self-hosted jsbin / jsfiddle / codesandbox like, preferably compatible with @nextcloud?

That’s the problem with second-hand shops: Mugs.
Welcome to my desk Henry.

… and if you want to know the cool and complex history of the Sleng Teng riddim, take a look at this video

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The 2 riddims are among the most used so I am obviously not the first to realize that… That’s why they deserve a JavaScript version. More to come, stay tuned…

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I can remember quite precisely when I first heard about vector graphics I had great dreams the night after: Bezier hills and movable group of clouds

A very accurate long read on fundamental relationship between media art and time 🔄 By Domenico Quaranta

I also updated with new tags (damage, dirty), the nice project and the cool font Manusquared by @quentinJHL

Website update with recent work and filters ! A first overview of the typefaces melting at erg this trimester.
This live pictures collection gathers a mix between research drawings, Jitsi confines and fonts images. With a drumming band of students and fellow @AntoineGelgon

hyper:// version of the p2p web page My Web Is Fucked Up! (use @BeakerBrowser >1 to visit the link) hyper://1b23bc3853015ce7d5e0e93d4febd0d4ac116019672ac5bbe24d3b60463882a9/

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