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The slider can be used to browse the days / versions. I changed the name and url by the way.

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Hey mastodon, do you recommend any alternative to Spotify?

For a workshop, a #Brussels based #school is looking for someone from Belgium/the Netherlands/France to give a workshop in #Blender, especially focussed on the #video editing part. Some animation is welcome too.
This person should give the workshop in Dutch or English. The framework is F/Loss in education, in the edit studio context.

This is a (modestly - education!) paid job, in January 2021, for one afternoon.
Please #boost & thanks!

Send me a DM if you are interested

If you use a simple, text-based format for your data, your future self may be very grateful.

Can’t wait for #neuralink premium to avoid ads being streamed to my brain 🧠

@nitot Bonjour Tristan ! Votre URL de flux RSS semble cassée, est-ce qu’une réparation est prévue ?

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