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À propos de la culture Sound System - présentation et passage de disques par Quentin Caille (DJ KôôL) au 22 rue Muller en 2016 youtube.com/watch?v=soebJZkvGT

…and each time you think that you kill the baby animal of your choice

Stop saying open source and “design” doesn’t go well together.

Open source is design

.@Pinboard bought @delicious. There is a safe alternative to all these buy&sell of your data. Export to blog.pinboard.in/2017/06/pinbo

Jaromil Rojo on technological sovereignty, blockchain, bitcoin and the Internet of Things

Specimen Avara
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1 open source font

Can’t wait to see what the web will look like when Google Font is dead

It is supposed to be for accessibility, I wonder why people with dyslexia, alexia and vision impairment has to deal with nonsense like that youtube.com/watch?v=gaDCl2I0h3

Quality over quantity for the image base would make it a more suitable project I guess.