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Should I sell online this sticker I made? If yes what price / nbr of piece would you advise?

· This is a work-in-progress guide to web scraping as an artistic & critical practice, created v/ Sam Lavigne ..


Web art / design instructors who use Chrome browser in their class may consider switching to Firefox for the sake of privacy of the students. Chrome is a toxic piece of software and Firefox has excellent dev tools too.

Compulse update
- save / load state
- swing / swing distribution
- note presets, sourcehut, have both a rad design approach but one has a decent typography, the other doesn’t care

One of the best part of the new Inkscape 1.0: Visual identification of the path effects

To post on Instagram from desktop, use the mobile view with a mobile user agent like this one:
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; <Android Version>; <Build Tag etc.>) AppleWebKit/<WebKit Rev> (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/<Chrome Rev> Mobile Safari/<WebKit Rev>

I like how you can visually track when a daily updated project has been bookmarked on

🌿 You can find my page in the online exhibition “The New Outside” on curated by Constant Dullaart.
🗨 PROTIP: Click “tour” in the lower-left corner, for a guided tour!

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