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The “snap” button in the video create records of the page’s coding process. What name could be best for this button?

Ce soir, je vous propose une visite commentée d’ dans le cadre du colloque Confinement, viralité et formes de vie. Information et inscription :

How would you name a state of a web page being made, part of a coding process. Snapshot, snap, version, commit, can work but I wonder if there is not a better one…

French Wikipedia article on Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man says the flute was actually a bottle of beer. Anyway, bamboo or glass bottle, best instruments simple objects.

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First time I realize we can hear a subtle drum beat behind the intro’s pygmy flute on Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man

@sengi_app Hi! is the web based app on your server made for daily use, or is it a temporary demo URL?

Mobilizon has a good interface, super clear and simple. However, before creating an event you have to know that contacting participants is currently impossible! I just thought it was.

Quit proprietary software city, build your own landscape

During the last lockdown, I imagined, wrote and coded an online fable, day after day, without exactly knowing where it led. Discover the 35 scenes of

Flok is a "web-based P2P collaborative editor for live coding music and graphics"

Supports (via plugins) : TidalCycles, SuperCollider, FoxDot, Hydra, p5.js!

Last day of a very productive workshop I gave at Merz Akademie. Students have been asked to choose one object per workshop day, and create an artistic web page dedicated to it. 💓

How can I ping twitter from mastodon? The tests above doesn’t work.

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Day 31 (last day) of a version based composition, developed each day of October 2020. The page is made of 31 <time> elements, that gets individually styled day after day.

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