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What is the absolutely worst game you ever played. For me it was Tengen's Shinobi. Never in my life have I gone into excruciating torture through any title on that system.

Played Sengoku 3 after finding out my list actually could do it after all this time. Quite a complicated beat'em up but fun and a great soundtrack as well. Was also playing Zombie Raid despite emulation making it tougher than already was.

Finished my title card I will be using soon for all themed game uploads I will be doing this month.

I am actually enjoying Annihilation more than I ever did with its 2005 version on theaters.

I greatly advise never to bother spending money on these cheap, crappy keyboards by Inland. Both cheap in price AND quality, being very awkward to the touch and breaking easily. Would rather pay double on any other brand.

I'm finding a lot in common between Tsu from and Sucy from , from the way they look to the way they talk even. However they were created by different artists.

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