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Tried out Kid Icarus for which is actially a lot more forgiving than the original by a mile.

Facebook's crackdown on dangerous content in groups could backfire, experts say

Critics say ‘proactive’ approach could make questionable content harder to detect
Facebook is changing its rules on private groups amid growing criticism that some closed communities on the platform are uniting extremists and spreading fake news.
The company announced in a blogpost on Wednesday that it would take a more “proactive” approach in detecting problematic content in groups and will work to enhance transparency surrounding the communities.
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Final Fantasy Advance V Status: Lv. 30, Gil: 1,704, Playtime 16:03, Location Forest of Moore, Galuf's World.

ICE, Koch Foods, capitalism neo-slavery 

You want to point fingers at Christians and any Religion blaming them for wrongdoing? OK, I agree stupid people USED said Religious beliefs in the name of God to make atrocities. USED. Religion itself is not to blame for man's folly. Don't be an idiot about it please.

Just another atheist idiot whining about Religion.

Patrick Crusius is the name of the El Paso killer, and his still active twitter account shows he was a gamer and self described Christian who spent his time retweeting the KKK's own David Duke and posting his own racist tweets. He also watched Bill O'Reilly.
A gamer.
A Christian.

🤔 :thaenkin:


Today is 215th day of 2019

shooting is 249th mass shooting of 2019

GOP has passed:
•Muslim Ban
•Refugee Ban
•Asylee Ban
•Abortion Ban
•Disaster Aid Ban

But for the 8,666 Americans killed by guns in 2019 YTD:
•0 gun laws
•0 gun reform
•0 accountability


The shooter, Patrick Crusius, is a Christian and MAGA terrorist who like retweeting the KKK's own David Duke, along w/posting tweets filled with racist references and threats. But clearly is the threat here? :thaenkin: 🤔

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