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Poor Francisco J. Ojeda. He's still obsessed with me.

Hate it when you battle evil only to find out you helped it all this time.   

So I find at the Let's Play Archive site a member made a playthrough of II and even finished it up with their own ending after the events of it tying it with PS III as well. It is intriguing.

I'm learning that Shining Wisdom on the Saturn was a sequel of sorts with events happening some years after II, with Sarah and Kazin roaming the land to hunt down the remaining of Zeon's minions. This however was changed drastically on the US release, removing said references and renaming the characters.

Third is a comic story featured on SPEC magazine, detailing an alternate version of what IV would had been, Characters like Nei the Third would accompany a young Chaz on their adventures in Motavia.

An EGM page scan depicting the making of IV found at Fringes of Algo. Notice how the names and descriptions of characters feature here are far from what they ended up in the final game.

Incredible rescue: Man saves girlfriend seconds before car rams into them

Been busy winning the tournament fulfilling Ken's wedding vows and resucing World 2 on Bros. 3.

UPDATE: #Mexico denies reaching deal with US on keeping #caravan migrants on its side of the border

Went on the Danger Room to practice beating up Juggernaut for the upcoming battle with Magneto.

Played a bit of Death and Return of since I am currently reading the story of this adaptation.

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