Huh, seems a lot more playable and enjoyable on Genesis than it could ever been on the SNES.

Tried out Alpha 2 for , still amazed that there was a port for that system when the version was out. Choppy graphics, meh soundtrack adaptation, solid sfx sounds and playable enough to beat it twice even. Not bad.

Having gone through that irritating deathtrap mission and gone to the next chapter, witnessing the expected betrayal to usurp power and have the villain of the story make his move at last.

Played OutRun 2019 for Genesis and was amazed I could finish one of its sections being I am not that good at this genre, considering I never could get far in the original game to begin with. Its fun and the music fantastic as well.

Played an game called Codename: Viper, which could be considered an inspirational sequel to Rolling Thunder given it has the same game mechanics. Developed by and Arc System Works, yeah, the guys behind and series.

Checking out R-Types for and enlightened on its built-in lore about their spaceship fighter's history and such.

So satisfying when enemies are positioned just right to receive a powerful blast from your spellcaster.

Batman: Blink was one hell of a read. Its been too long since I've read one of his stories with that dose of detective work goodness.

Out of all games I could manage to play, MK4 was about the sole one I was able to and that's fine. Although I really wanted to try MK Trilogy the garbage combo of crappy PC/Emulator does not leave much options available for me.

So in , I find out my favorite character Maximilian Jenius not only commands his very own fleet but he's also been busy having 7 daughters the youngest being Mylene Flare, who is a central protagonist. That devil.

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