Was able to get this far on one credit. I will state I really feel good about myself on an otherwise great session.

Using FRAPS or Bandicam on versions 40/42 works, but I have to set the proper settings in order to record properly, and I still get some slowdown and skipping on sound, although not as much as my old as bones version. Guess this is all I can really have to work with.

Having a hard time working on which version is best to use in this fallible 10 system. I know that the old 0.113 v. will play but it suffers from skipping and slowdown, while 0.140b/42 will run better but suffers from skipping as well. Any other version between .113b and the ones I mentioned will either not run properly. Same goes for later versions after 150. The 40s will also refuse to play some rom files even when I got EVERY bit to play an emulated arcade game.

Pleasantly surprised with the results, being that my very favorite character is King. I am also happy to have Andy Bogard close as well. Thought Robert Garcia was anywhere around as well.

Found some nice, yet provocative Krystal fanart. I would not be blaming anyone for doing such, Nintendo is mainly the ones who decided her look anyway.

Was able to find a MAME version to play arcade emulation better, but not as perfect. Still, FRAPS can record gameplay with no complications so I'm not complaining.

Pfft, forget Pikachu. If you want a totally loyal , Gardevoir is where's at.

So Leona is also a descendant of followers of the Orochi and Goenitz was the one responsible in waking the Riot of Blood within her. At least now I know why she does so in '97 and some sequels.

Jerkwads at sending emails forcing you to tell them if any content you are uploading is for kids. How noble, the fact that they are becoming pretentious and wanting excuses to mess with your channel any further.

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