Whenever I struggle in life, or whenever I am not quite sure where I am heading in life, I'll always find myself listening to Linkin Park, especially my all-time fav "Numb".

To show my appreciation, I made a Illenium-style Remix of Numb, covered by Sarah Cothran.

Here's my tribute to Linkin Park and Chester ❤️

Hope you're enjoying it.

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Numb is also my favourite :ablobcatheartsqueeze:
As well as Linkin Park is the only band I like :ablobblewobble:

@mur2501 Maaaan, they were (and are still) the best. Always coming back to listening to their songs. Meteora is still my all-time fav album.

I specifically like

What I've Done
Breaking the Habit
Castle of Glass

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