I just love the fact, that it doesn't matter if it's big angry roaary cat or smol tiny cuddle cat. Cat = Cat when it comes to petting :smug:

Fuck ASMR. I listen to crows now.

CRAWWW CRAAAWWW motherduckers.


- Gave it a WIP Title
- added catchy extended mix
- minimally improved mixdown
- played around with tons of LFO
- ~10 hours of work


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Things I started, but I'll most likely never finish... You know those, projects you were full of joy and motivation in the beginning. At the end those projects just stay in the WIP directory forever...

- 145 BPM Hands Up.
- Worktime: ~3 hours.

Haven't been to a doc in a while, but want to make sure your hearing is still alright? You can test whether you are tonedeaf in this short test here: tonedeaftest.com/

(no registration required)

Just understood myself a bit better by reading this. Imho, this dude is 100% right.

Have to reboot because I WANT to patch my kernel. 98 days, try to achieve this uptime on a Windows box (without it automagically shutting down to do updates).

If this was my mother, I'd sue the heck out of her. How the F can a sane person care so little about privacy?! Why not just keep a photobook like everyone else?

Currently coding a Chibi-Desktop-Dancer.Very nice project

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