I love this Smash Mouth meme format sooo much! Poor kid though.

My university has a Maclab. Been there often for a lecture on iOS app development. It was my first real contact with Apple equipment in the wild. And I think this sums up my experiences with the Apple ecosystem quite well. Everything is different (but imho not the good kind of different, more the weird kind). It feels like Apple puts Design over Usability a lot.

@hejowhat@fosstodon.org Wait. It even got better. Nose is red now. Join in for further progress.

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Come join us on jnktn.tv now. It's Christmas Special time. Come for the music, stay for the amazing drawing skills of the Jnktn Crew.

Kudos for the nicest of the nicest Rudolfs I've ever seen to @hejowhat@fosstodon.org

I hope more people will consider self-hosted alternatives like over streaming services from big-tech companies. You know, the kind of companies that do not only not care about your privacy, but as it seems also give a cr** about the most fundamental concepts of security.

This evening on jnktn.tv

Join me and other frens for yet another round of Dance Attack on Jnktn.TV. Live, no filters, no make-up - just me making music and dancing like a maniac.


PS: btw. Nightcore is no real genre - change my mind

ngl, I was listening to this for 10 minutes now, and I'm still not sure what kind of sorcery this is.

Most confusing :catjam: catjam in existence

Hallein, Austria. Insane weather-conditions we're exposed to lately. Yeah, just go on saying that the climate-change is a Hoax.

Doorbell rang, delivery-guy dropped this much anticipated surprise from @gabek 😍 Thanks a lot for this beautiful Owncast shirt. I LOVE IT.

If you also want your own live-streaming site (and such a cool T-Shirt) go and checkout

You know what day it is? And you know what we do on this day?
We're flooding the fediverse with Cats.

in honor of our firebrigades

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