Happy you're enjoying this small page rework and the automation of getting it into production. It's really my absolute pleasure working with you! It's fascinating how fast things can be achieved with you! Thanks for that :3

Ayyy Sanchez Wave :3 I can relate with the Rickest of all Ricks. Vibing to that tune!

Btw... still haven't watched S04 yet :/


@meisam Don't resist the urge! Do it (and send people called Ruffy a preview!). That's what the codex dictates you to do! :badabing:

@senden9 aside from the terrible 26 °C in the bedroom HomeAssistant is damn powerful Home Automation Framework/Tool! It's always fascinating me what is possible with it


@meisam Fair enough! I'll have to wait then :)


@meisam @jnktn_tv

On a third (twenty millions more to come) - I need to seriously comment the insane sound design of this one. The distortion of the bass is on point. Literally no element in there is not distorted/screeched. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!! The Ringmod effects throughout = PURE Love! 01:13 is absolute genious :O Very glitchy, very playful. LOOOOOVEE!

Would you mind sharing an Artist (so I can worship him/her/them?)


@meisam @jnktn_tv

HOLY! THAT TUNE IS PURE GOLD! :owi: I'm missing Unpopular Streams sooooooooooo bad! Hope we'll hear a Unpopular Stream next Jnktn saturday again (I hope I interpreted that right and its not just wishful thinking).

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Thanks a lot @rarepublic for helping @jnktn_tv with your amazing sets and also your technical knowledge. :blobfoxhappy:
Here's a screechy heavy tune from the upcoming Unpopular Streams.

@oliverg Ich vermute mal, dass die Meinungsfindung zum Thema "Bargeld abschaffen" völlig unabhängig jeglicher politischer Gesinnung ist.

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@sn0wmem0ry Good thing we have great alternatives in the Fediverse 👋

@Isegrimm Woran genau scheitert es? Docker selbst, oder OpenSearch als Container in Docker?

@jnktn_tv Played the "find the Jnktn shirt"-game. Lost the game.

Cool set, especially the last few minutes got me. Always makes me happy when people rave to good oldskool Hands Up tunes.

Also by any chance, you guys know the Remix of Showtek - FTS he played?

@montezuba 🔥 🔥 richtig gut! Ideal für den Start in den Tag.

is fascinating me lately. In my opinion he's one of the most underrated and iconic melodic producer in the genre.

Panic at the Disco - High Hopes (jeonghyeon Remix). Czech it out.

@meisam okay. so reading this part of the extended bio surely answers one of my previous questions ^^

classic rtfmm (read the fucking michan manual) moment :KEKW:

@meisam I was on a FP Meetup in Vienna a while ago and met a daytime-job Fortran dev. First I thought he was joking, because in my mind Fortran was right beside COBOL, an outdated and long ago died lang. Turned out I was very wrong. Especially in numsim applications Fortran is still the most widely used lang. It was a surprising moment to me.

Are you also developing in Fortran? Is Fortran also commonly used in HPC applications?

@meisam @schdr "Austrian expert" :scremcat: . I'm just your average Schnitzel-eating upper-austrian.

Either way: Servas Griaß di Felix! Fesch dassd da bist (und ned auf Twitter)

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