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Here's the links for those who missed the stream on @jnktn_tv:

00:00 Beardyman - Round The Clock Conclusions
00:47 FATE - After Life
03:31 Sace - [untitled]
06:36 Sidewalks And Skeletons - Friday The 13th
09:07 Ytho - Dreams
11:44 Arnak - Resentful
15:16 DROGMA - Angel
19:58 𝘏𝘓𝘍𝘔𝘚𝘚𝘋 - weakling
24:19 Aethek - TRAVELING STONE
31:21 Li Yilei - 13:31
34:41 Luka Prinčič - Just Romantique
41:38 CLANN - Closer
45:56 Usagi Collective - HVRRICXNE

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This Saturday!

@rarepublic returns to Jnktn with a two hour set to start things off. We loved it the first time so we're excited to have him back.

Then we move onto a compilation of various releases from 'Look Mum No Computer', the self-described inventor and musician. Following that we have Jnktn regulars Andrina and Worky with their respective shows.

Not one to miss!

@gabek You look awesome and you did really an excellent job showing the world how easy it is, to get an Owncast instance up and running. 0.0.7 is a major leap for non techies to get on board, it's really easy and fun to get started streaming your own content! Thanks a lot for that video!

I just a have a question regarding Linode though. Is that a only-once-deployment, or is it owncast-managed then? (like will it auto-update the VM and Owncast?)

@gabek @jnktn_tv Yeah. @Meisam visisted my owncast instance now and then, when I was live. He was showing me Jnktn, suggested me that I should join the crew. Yeah well, he got me in the first second

@luka Pula is such a beautiful city. Can't wait to visit it again. You're dj'ing there?

@mur2501 Well, bleeding-edge was no real priority for me. Though it's nice to have. And Fedora ships - at least for me - with the nicest balance between bleeding-edge and stable. Fedora 34 with Pipewire and Wayland is working like a charm. The fact that the stuff is bleeding-edge is a only a nice-to-have. The thing I care about is reliability. And I swear 5 years of Distrohopping, and I have not found a single distro that stable. So for me, Fedora = non-plus-ultra <3

@jnktn_tv @meisam
Oh yeah, it looks quite empty between 1700 and 1900. Seems like a timeslot to fill 😍

@meisam @jnktn_tv
Ha awesome, you actually remember the title of the WIP-track! Very cooooooooool. Can't wait to show it off on stream.

Btw. just sent my "application" to Really curious, whether I'd be able to get on stream this weekend already

@meisam @jnktn_tv
Hey! Yeah. Wow I completly forgot.
Will register for a time-slot this weekend right away.

@jeder awesome. got mine already. A day after, I installed windows on my laptop. Oh btw. I also think Microsoft Azure is the future. I probably should also invest into Microsoft stocks as well... Can't wait for the second shot? Maybe it'll fix my bad WiFi-signal at home?

Don't get me wrong, I love Ruby, but if you want to start out learning programming, Ruby is probably not the best choice.

Ruby is very nieche and tailored to functional programmers, which might overwhelm beginners at first. Also the synatax is very "unique" - not saying bad - but unique, with little to no fault-tolerance for input errors and hard to identify runtime-errors (as its a interpreted lang) which is overwhelming for starters.

So I'd say: Python, C#, maybe Rust

@Nachtgespenst . Bin sehr ländlich in OÖ aufgewachsen, und auf den Feldern gabs ziemlich viele Fasane. Als Kind natürlich mehr im Wald gewesen als daheim, und somit auch oft in Fasan-Territorien eingedrungen ^^ Und heeeeilige Scheiße. Fasan-Hähne können schon ziemlich aggressiv werden - besonders wenn du unbeabsichtigt in die Nähe des Nestes kommst.

Die Viecher haben mich oft an ganzen Kilometer gejagt. Und die ham auch einen dezent scharfen Sporn... :AngeryCat:

@antifawitten Weißt du, ich befürworte keine Form von Gewalt. Das gilt aber auch für Gewalt gegen Polizisten. Das Problem was ich mit euren Aussagen habe, ist dass sie immer ein tolles Framing haben um eure Aussagen zu unterstützen. z.B. ein Video wo mehrere Polizisten auf einen Typen einprügeln. Perfekt geframed - wo man das Gefühl bekommt - ja Polizeigewalt ist ein großes Problem. Dass der niedergeprügelte aber zuvor mit Flaschen und Steinen geworfen hat, wird halt verschwiegen...

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