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Anyone else noticing performing slightly worse with 5.10?

Why is it, that developers always release unstable shit to production when I'm on on-call duty?

Oh wait... Even better - releasing unstable features one day before christmas, where literally nobody else is reachable?!

Guess who the lucky bastard is...

Just listening to one of the first TenMinMixes I ever did 10 years ago (time is passing, wtf.).

I remember that I begged my older brother for money, to buy me those Pioneer CDJs (DJ equipment) because I was not earning enough. He was really a nice guy. With that equipment I started streaming shows for a small austrian Web Radio and got into music-production.

All, thanks to my brother <3
Love you bro.

Setup openSUSE Tumbleweed to reproduce an issue with SELinux that someone on the web encountered and needed help with.

Now, I actually like it so much, that I am considering to hop to this distribution on one of my machines.
Might be a real competitor to my current Fedora Setups.

Talent over 9000. 4 different instruments, singing, and live-looping. Really fascinating what she's performing there.

Just understood myself a bit better by reading this. Imho, this dude is 100% right.

Got called to a standby emergency "as last resort" today. 4 hours of work and diagnosing has already been performed by 3 different technicians before they contacted me. The Alert-Reason: CPU usage of one deployment-target was constantly 100% - no possibility to connect via SSH anymore. 1 minute after verifying that SSH doesn't work I simply rebooted the machine.
Technicians were like: "whaaaat? that rly solves this?".
I was facepalming more than I wanted to...
4 hours... 3 "technicians"...

So, someone is peeing on my property frequently, and leaves behind used handkerchiefs. The property is besides a small river, far away from any civilization. Also there's not really many people living in that area. Someone knows a good Camera (with GSM/3G/4G) with a good Batterylife, that I could mount on a tree to check who ther person is that pees there? Some kind of wildlife-cam probably (which is not sooo costly). Or any ideas for DIY?

Watching "Stan Against Evil", I was wondering how much trash a human can take? I love this show. A great trashy follow-up series if you have finished (and loved) "Ash vs. Evil Dead".

A drama in three parts:
Part 1:
"We have backups", "In case something goes wrong, we'll be fine", "Everything can be recovered", "absolutely no need to worry".
Part 2:
a massive powerline-glitch due to misbehaving firmware of Backup-Powersupply causes 4 RAID-Controllers to corrupt data on ~16TB of data.
Part 3:
Disaster Recovery takes 2 weeks... "who could have thought something like this could happen", "it is the equipments fault"

Lesson learned:
Perform Disaster-Recovery tests frequently

Have to reboot because I WANT to patch my kernel. 98 days, try to achieve this uptime on a Windows box (without it automagically shutting down to do updates).

I'm buddhist an I am offended...

A few years ago, I'd have categorized this as trolling immediately. Today, with this stupid political correctness in mind, I had to re-read 3 times.

Btw. Merry Christmas
(come here you little offended SJWs)

I am looking for an alternative to Soundcloud that does not have such a fkd up Content ID system.
Any recommendations from the world of tooters?

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