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Whenever I struggle in life, or whenever I am not quite sure where I am heading in life, I'll always find myself listening to Linkin Park, especially my all-time fav "Numb".

To show my appreciation, I made a Illenium-style Remix of Numb, covered by Sarah Cothran.

Here's my tribute to Linkin Park and Chester ❤️

Hope you're enjoying it.

Fuck ASMR. I listen to crows now.

CRAWWW CRAAAWWW motherduckers.


- Gave it a WIP Title
- added catchy extended mix
- minimally improved mixdown
- played around with tons of LFO
- ~10 hours of work

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Things I started, but I'll most likely never finish... You know those, projects you were full of joy and motivation in the beginning. At the end those projects just stay in the WIP directory forever...

- 145 BPM Hands Up.
- Worktime: ~3 hours.

This thread is hilarious. It got me when one guy recommended using Nano instead. I'm dying lmaooo :scremcat:

Useless historical UNIX facts #1

back in the good old times of line printers, printers were able to report certain errors back to UNIX. One of these was "/dev/lp0 on fire".

I myself, frequently rant about printers, but never flamed about a printer on fire (no pun intended). Back then, everything was more dangerous than it is today - even printers. Makes me wonder what Sysadmins did when this error came up?

For reference:

What a lovely way to think about humanity and interactions with each other. I really really love those deep Kurzgesagt videos.

If you speak/understand german, the newly released german version is even nicer.

Haven't been to a doc in a while, but want to make sure your hearing is still alright? You can test whether you are tonedeaf in this short test here:

(no registration required)

Anyone else noticing performing slightly worse with 5.10?

Why is it, that developers always release unstable shit to production when I'm on on-call duty?

Oh wait... Even better - releasing unstable features one day before christmas, where literally nobody else is reachable?!

Guess who the lucky bastard is...

Just listening to one of the first TenMinMixes I ever did 10 years ago (time is passing, wtf.).

I remember that I begged my older brother for money, to buy me those Pioneer CDJs (DJ equipment) because I was not earning enough. He was really a nice guy. With that equipment I started streaming shows for a small austrian Web Radio and got into music-production.

All, thanks to my brother <3
Love you bro.

Setup openSUSE Tumbleweed to reproduce an issue with SELinux that someone on the web encountered and needed help with.

Now, I actually like it so much, that I am considering to hop to this distribution on one of my machines.
Might be a real competitor to my current Fedora Setups.

Talent over 9000. 4 different instruments, singing, and live-looping. Really fascinating what she's performing there.

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