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🐶 i might switch to this canine.cloud instance soon rar

im going to work on my website. the movie ended and owner is making food

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ok rar so today i am in the again. we got a nice big new tv that is a lot bigger than my old one. and i can connect my and my to it and i am happy. we also got a new 4 and i am so happy. we are watching a movie. owner says the tv is 4k. i might make a tumblr post as an update rar. also new website changes are coming soon ;-)

rar! i am happy. i am with my son right now :D okay i will go eat some nice dog food

I am and I am barking tomorrow me and owner will be having a party🎉 because its Friday rar yay I am a happy dog 🐶🐕

my son is eating dog treats and i'm eating . we are very happy rar

i'm a very happy rardog!!!! i like to bark. i'm in the doghouse and i have a movie playing on my rarphone. all the dogs and me are watching. my son is sleeping so we had to lower it down but we are very cozy! !

i am a very happy dog! today we had rain and it was so cozy in the doghouse and im so happy!! rar!!!

rar rar RAAAAAAAR rar rar rar raaar?????? rar rar rar! rar rar rar??? rar. thanks owner

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