Music enriches life. Music helps us express our joy, our sorrow, and sometimes our silliness. Listen as singer-songwriter Bryan Toney tells us how helps him, and other music creators flourish, despite the challenges of today’s music environment.

They meet. They fall in love. They marry. She gets cancer. Love endures. Listen as we discuss Grace & Grit, a film that explores love, what it means to be human and what may lie beyond this life, with filmmaker Sebastian Siegel.

Let me state it as clearly as possible so no one is confused:

## Doesn’t violate your privacy:

- Algorithms running on your own device, under your control and in your interests, and informing only you of the results

## Violates your privacy:

- Algorithms running on your own device, not under your control and against your interests, and informing third parties of the results

Do Apple’s plans for client-side scanning violate your privacy?


#apple #privacy

Gordy, official spokes-goat of the Rational Ignorance Podcast is happy to announce a new episode!

Have you ever wondered what it means to flourish as a human being? Join us as we explore philosophical, psychological, and spiritual views of flourishing, and offer three practical steps you can take to move towards a flourishing life.

Mew, mew! Gooood meowrning lovely people of planet Earth 💓 :cat_hug_triangle: I wish you all an amazing day :blobcatsnuggle:

I had to stay up really late but I also got this picture of my cat so I feel like I'm winning tbh

We had such good weather last week, went swimming almost every evening and now it's rain and thunder all the time 😥

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