@BhimArmyChief@twitter.com Tiz Hazari CMM express displeasure that jail authorities did not provide BhimArmy chief Chandrashekhar Azad with required treatment despite knowing of his medical condition. Directs treatment at AIIMS

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Aren’t the phone numbers of police officials supposed to be public? Why is Twitter behaving like it reports to the PMO? Oh wait.
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Saket Gokhle has appealed. @TwitterIndia suspended him as he shared numbers of Delhi Police DCP & SHO during the JNU attack.

Not sure why sharing public & official numbers who are there to help public would get your account suspended!

@Tanvir_Ansari, @jack,…

@saketgokhale read on the birdsite that your account has been suspended. Please carry on tooting here, and we can spread the birdsite with screenshots of your messages. Your voice will not be silenced by the fascists.

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Modi’s visit to Lucknow today (to inaugurate Vajpayee’s statue) was the SAME as Vajpayee’s visit to Gujarat after the 2002 riots.

The purpose of both visits - to tacitly endorse & validate the killing of innocents.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SaketGokhale/statu

@IndiasMuslims @unnikts @Vishsai do read the post above and see the video on twitter before they lock that tweet too

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Have been locked out of the birdsite because I RT'd a video showing UP cops telling people on a megaphone that those following Islam have a choice of 32, 36 countries to go to.

Clearly the govt does not want that video to be seen by any. But they don't understand technology.

Here is the tweet with the video link I had RT'd - twitter.com/khaans/status/1209

Please see the wretched UP cops OPENLY threatening muslims.

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Yes, because you need to produce documents in the next stage of the NRC process, once people with "doubtful citizenship" are identified using the NPR.

And the 2010 NPR was critically different from this one. This one asks questions means for an NRC. twitter.com/ndtv/status/120941

Approximately 40 protesters rounded up from Marine Drive and detained by Mumbai Police. The police have told protesters that Section 144 has been imposed in the area (awaiting confirmation of this from the police).

Relax you guys.

CAB will be struck down by Supreme Court...

Hadn't seen this gem in a while - so happy about algorithms for once . Kishore Kumar being just the very wonderful Kishore that only Kishore could ever be.


Conversation yesterday with a friend veered towards this - if Africa is where we all came from, how did skin colour change so drastically? Then we conjectured about mutations, without really being certain about it.

Interweb to the rescue, ahoy! Which also made me realise how I don't know anything. But am fine about it. At least there's something to know more about on my many shall we say MANY jobless days.


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The BJP govt Spending ₹50 lakh/month on hotel expenses on makeshift office of the #Lokpal for the last 7 months is a cruel joke on tax payers' money especially when out of 1116 complaints of corruption,primary investigation has nt been started even in one

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Jailed for sedition over an argument on Facebook after Pulwama attack, Haris Manzoor, a recipient of PM's Special Scholarship Scheme, is struggling to put his life back together.

My report on how life changed for the 20-year-old Kashmiri after Feb 14: indianexpress.com/article/indi

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"In 1964, renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray was asked to create a short film for ‘ESSO World Theater’, a cultural showcase presented on television and funded by the American oil company Esso. Asked to write and direct the film in English, Ray opted instead to make a film without words. The result is a poignant fable of friendship and rivalry. As he did for many of his films, Ray composed the music for the film, including the haunting tune played on the flute."



Pragya Thakur has been brought out to press our collective 'Outrage' button so this regime can get a breather from Maharashtra and its failure to buy MLAs, the continuing lockdown of Kashmir, and the shameless prevarication they are showing in parliament on the question of Pegasus and WhatsApp snooping.

They never fail to bring out such ugly sores for an airing whenever they want to deflect out anger and attention.

Rahul Bajaj told Amit Shah on a public platform that people feared to criticize the government due to the possible consequences. The public at large hailed him for his courage. Yeah. THAT'S now applauded as an act of courage. And the host of the event, ET blanked out Bajaj's comments but published Amit Shah's reply. So there.

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