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caitlin rose boyle

Outfit of the Day drawing! Gotta go fast ๐Ÿ’™

I haven't introduced myself on here yet - I'm Caitlin Rose Boyle, I work in comics & animation! I'm the co-creator & artist for Boom! Box Studio's JONESY, & I co-created the Nickelodeon 2014 Short Toon "Buck n' Lou & the Night Crew" !

Had a ruff insomnia night & now I need to go to the DMV today & get my picture taken... excited to break my own Bad And Tired ID Photo record

i need more artists to make bootleg sonic stuff so i can cover the rest of this jacket in sonic patches & pins

sunday night watching s2 halt & catch fire, sketching an OOTD, & working on some day job stuff

i really wish these weren't called toots