I'm going to start switching over to the sunbeam.city instance. So follow me over there under the same name. @raven0144

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Would anyone on here be interested in starting some kind of an online reading group? I've been wanting to dive into the ecology of freedom or other ecosocialist books (I'm open to suggestions; there's plenty of lit free online.) It would be great to discuss it with people.

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It's not my fault that my whole culture can be boiled down to "Oh god, what happens next?!"

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A broad diversity of (non-stupid) tactics, the broader the better, is more effective than even the best individual strategy on its own

Support your comrades of different tendencies, their success is tied to yours

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To grow, things must be removed
Trim away the old leaves and dead Branches
Of things you could have become

Find new buds near old wounds
Give them sunlight
And water
See what they blossom

And do it all again


We are made of broken things
The mulch from which we emerge
Is rich
When we have lived and died
Gained and discarded
Tried and failed

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mom said it's my turn to seize the means of production

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who else out here ruining their productive day by yeehawin' into the void

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Moral of this thread is that just because something isn't legal doesn't mean that it is not the right thing to do. In order to enact any kind of radical, lasting change we have to work outside of the methods appropriated by the state meant to obstruct and detract from power of the collective people. Unions are fantastic and always welcome, but can be limited when it comes to massive organizing like . We shouldn't put all of our faith into unions organizing for us.

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You ever just seize the means of production to flex on these capitalist pigs.

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My thinking now is that if it ever does pass (obviously after floating around for at least 2 years until the next election ) it will be too amended and watered down for any lasting change. Maybe end in a minor carbon tax and some funding for research at most.

Any thoughts on the Green New Deal? Where do you guys see that going the future?

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