Would anyone on here be interested in starting some kind of an online reading group? I've been wanting to dive into the ecology of freedom or other ecosocialist books (I'm open to suggestions; there's plenty of lit free online.) It would be great to discuss it with people.

@raven0144 I would. There was a book corner in the wiki but nothing was added to the page so I deleted it. If we start something, people could contribute links to books on there. Try to keep it central, y'know.

@puffinus_puffinus @raven0144
Sorry if I seem super out of touch, but what's the wiki you're referring to? I'm new to here

@raven0144 No worries my friend. New users don't always notice the blurb on the signup page. We, SBC, are cooperative-run. Along with the fediverse side of things, there is also a solarpunk wiki. I'm the admin but plenty others have contributed.


Wow, just checked out the wiki. That's great! I saw there were some books linked in the politics sections and listed in media. Definitely a good place to consolidate lit. I can help find and add links if you would like. As for a discussion group, it might be cool to do a chat room on matrix or something for popular books if people are interested.

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