Yeah, I have. It's really exciting; she's doing incredible work and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

I'm going to start switching over to the sunbeam.city instance. So follow me over there under the same name. @raven0144

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Thanks! I DMed them.

Would anyone on here be interested in starting some kind of an online reading group? I've been wanting to dive into the ecology of freedom or other ecosocialist books (I'm open to suggestions; there's plenty of lit free online.) It would be great to discuss it with people.

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It's not my fault that my whole culture can be boiled down to "Oh god, what happens next?!"

Hey! Sorry it's been a while. This was lost in notifications and I just saw it. Now in school I'm mostly studying general stuff like statics, basic math programming, strengths of materials ect. that engineers need. As for projects outside of class, I'm helping build an educational aquaponics system for a local elementary school and am involved in guerrilla gardening operations to create a full community garden once spring hits which I'm excited about. What kind of stuff do you do?

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I'm glad more people are realizing left wing ideology, that's fantastic! How do see us getting better organized? Even with less people, the leftists of the past were powerful in getting the labor rights we have now. We have the potential to do that on a much larger scale.

You're not understanding the idea and organization of the strike at all, and I don't see that you're trying to either, so I'm going to stop replying unless you have something interesting to add. The global strike is comprised of movements like my city trying to improve the environment of where we live while adopting the overall goals of my nation and international goals. Each area can make their own specific goals and strike and rally for that while under the banner.

There's definitely going to be more than one protest. I'm not super involved in the UK because I don't live there, but I do know they have a strong organizing presence. This is basically an underground movement, which might be doing illegal things. It's up to each local, and some may not want a bunch of lay people showing up who may not be down with the St. Paul's Principles or be an infiltrator. If you want to go to a protest, then just get involved, meet someone, and ask.

You don't see the local goals, at least not yet. So you have no way of determining how feasible they are. I'm am the leading person for writing demands in my smaller, local area, and we have both long and short term demands from transitioning our city to renewable energy by 2035, which is certainly impossible working alone to implementing small top covers on streetlights to decrease light pollution which is easily feasible and we could probably do it ourselves if need be.


We will likely never actually be working with governments to make binding agreements. We're not that kind of organization, and if we ever did, honestly, that's not the kind of organization I would want to be involved in. Our goals are to raise awareness and understanding of the issues, gain the popular support of working people, and use the power of our labour to put pressure on people who do have that role of creating government agreements.

The goals you mention are just the broad international goals. Actual. tangible demands are in place on the regional and national level. This is a horizontally based, autonomous movement, so most of the organizing comes from below, on the local levels where people decide what they want to see in their community and take action, using as a framework for their activism, so you're not going to see the full extent of it on a surface glance.

@frankpodmore How involved are you actually?
Most of the information distribution, outreach and organizing isn't happening on the website obviously. There are many very active outreach teams working on contacting other organisations and gartering support and everything is generally broken down into local organizing where people discuss the best way to organize based on local conditions.

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