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@DeerlyYours I'd look in the more urban/populated downtown areas, and ask the homeless people, they'll probably know of it or a group like it. My city has what's called a Really Free Market where FNB and a couple other small vendors show up, so that's where I found them after my online attempts at contact didn't work.

@DeerlyYours @socalledunitedstates
my FNB didn't really get back to me either tbh. From my experience they're kind of wary about new people (understandably) so if you think they are still active, you may have to try to find them in person so they can meet you.

Yeah, I think it could be very radicalizing when a huge majority of the people get behind the new deal and then it doesn't pass, they'll realize the system does not work for them, and only serves the interest of the oppressive class. In that sense, the GND could be fantastic to show people another way out

That sucks about lack of groups. Idk if you want my advice but here goes: I found many lefties on my college campus. The DSA is pretty active in a lot of places. I know on the national level their politics aren't what you're looking for, but the people I've met through there locally are actually very radical (pretty much all revolutionary communists) Also I think @socalledunitedstates has offered their skills in finding leftist groups anywhere.

Absolutely. Nothing beats good ol' direct action. BPP is my inspiration for politics and organizing. I wish leftists talked about them more regularly.

that could ever come through congress though. While doing this, I also believe it is important to embrace a diversity of tactics because legislation like this, while it will never pass will make climate change more of a topic of discussion and urgency in the mainstream, especially when coupled with leftist action and analysis being more prominent, radicalizing and pushing people to take action of their own.

But I am certainly glad for the bandaid when throughout history electoral politics has either ignored or mostly made our wounds worse. I do think it's an attempt to make a fairer economy. There's a lot in there that tries to nationalize and democratize important parts of society. (Not that I agree with all of it, but it definitely seems like an attempt). We should continue direct action and shutting down bad practices of course, that is honestly way more important than anything

I can definitely see where you're coming from when it comes to exploitation of the global south and I agree that the ultimate result will be capitalistic in nature. We have to remember though, we're talking about congressional politics which in itself are super limited. We are never going to legislate our way to liberation. This new deal works within the system of oppressors, so it will never be enough to lift oppression, but like you said, it is a bandaid on a bullet wound
That took me way longer than it should've. Good post

That's the best feeling! Glad you could find the lefties. Go build that community :)

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A broad diversity of (non-stupid) tactics, the broader the better, is more effective than even the best individual strategy on its own

Support your comrades of different tendencies, their success is tied to yours

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To grow, things must be removed
Trim away the old leaves and dead Branches
Of things you could have become

Find new buds near old wounds
Give them sunlight
And water
See what they blossom

And do it all again


We are made of broken things
The mulch from which we emerge
Is rich
When we have lived and died
Gained and discarded
Tried and failed

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mom said it's my turn to seize the means of production

Hey, I'd love to hear your take whenever you get a chance.

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who else out here ruining their productive day by yeehawin' into the void

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