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Don't take it personally if I unfollow/mute you: it's nothing personal, just that what you post doesn't interest me or actively stresses me out. It happens.

Yeah, not sure Mastodon is the place for me. Went away for a while, barely missed it. That kind of thing happens.

Time to move on, I guess

I feel like there’s basically one rule that people need to follow: “Don’t be an asshole”.

Everything else can be derived from that one.

"She just had this look in her eyes, like an alien"

"Yes, an alien from the far off planet of Taiwan"

Reading a Japanese book in an app by a French developer on a Korean phone while watching Korean music videos on a Chinese TV using software developed in the US and talking to the world about it using a web service made by a German developer.

Not bad at all

I'm building a hilariously long list of muted terms to try and keep the time line under control - maybe that's just a bad idea, a hopeless cause, since it seems to change quickly

Smash Ultimate 

Are the battles to unlock characters a higher difficulty, or do I just suck?

It's still really bizarre that Bayonetta is basically a Nintendo character now, right?

Do I wait it out or find another instance? What would I even look for out there?

I like playing Bayonetta in Smash Ultimate.

I'm terrible, relatively consistently losing to level 5 computer characters, but still love playing as Bayonetta

Work, or smash? I know what I should do, but what I want to do is getting to be on the overpowering side...

Well, I understand what the Usenet community felt when Eternal September started

The last Smash bros game I played a lot of was Melee. It'll be interesting to see what all the differences are.

Of course, I have work that needs to get done, too, so I have to find the balance there...

Another mysterious note I left myself: "We can make progress mitigating the problem by murdering someone who's already dead."

I have no clue what was going through my head

I wrote a note to myself back in August.

The note reads "Competitive Particle Physics or Extreme Particle Physics"

No, I have no idea what it means, either

This doesn't justify the existence of all stupid memes, but it makes a compelling argument

Yes, use numbers. Track numbers. Choose what to do based on the numbers.

But never focus on just one. Never try to make just one number as big as you can.

That breaks things.

Downloaded Smash Ultimate - first brand new game I've bought on launch day since... Portal 2, probably

So, how long until the day I fall asleep wearing a VR headset, then wake up completely confused and disoriented, thinking it's overtaken the real world?

As good ideas go, "Don't be an asshole" and "The world isn't black and white, good and evil" seem to be going out of fashion

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