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High time INCongress divert focus from just electoral politics and work on it's ideology, take it to people before it dies completely. Even then it'll take years to reach'em.
But, the big question is, do they have any core ideology left, other than soft Hindutva?

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Mastodon, from Indians perspective just a start of like minded community to share & hear each others views. But what stops people from following back? Again seeing here same kind of partiality level, I say you hear kind.
At this rate this wont be far away from turning twitter 2.0!

Women being harassed, body-shamed in sexist & misogynistic ways, bullied/trolled severely for simply sharing their views online or sharing photo of themselves. Systematic harassment directed towards women when they share their stories. Are we okay with it?
Such onslaught of hate is enough to dehumanize women specially who belong to vulnerable, minority & marginalised sections of society, causing her mental health to suffer, damaging her dignity & self respect.

#safespace #onlineharassment

The Telegraph India is spot on with its headline as usual!

What purpose does an NRC serve if even after being a citizen by all tests, you still can't live where you want because you are Muslim or Dalit, are a single working person who has a social life, are going to be called chinky and attacked by North Indians, or be thrown out of Gujarat and Maharashtra for being a North Indian ??

Dear South Indians, a good time to remember that the NRC issue is a North Indian problem of defective administration and governance.

Bend to this shit now and you bend to a Hindu Colonial state forever.

Free education and healthcare should be fundamental rights. Period.

It's been 106 days since is under siege. Kashmiri politicians who supported India, and were part of mainstream politics are locked down without any outside contact.

This is nauseating but will post the article in verbatim for people to know.

Protests & revolutions by students have brought down governments!
Hope it's just a beginning!

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

~Henry David Thoreau

After @RahulGandhi tried to visit Sri Nagar, INCongress has been almost mum on Kashmir. No leaders from party talks about the people or arrested politicians. No agitation.
Are Muslims still thinking Congress is the party to save them from RSS/BJP?

Personally I would never give in on a government request for user data. My response would be: “Ha! Come and get me! :0140:#mstdn #mastodon

Farzi liberals or intellectuals aajtak india me majority or minority ka farak bhi nahi samajh paye he...ya phir ye log media ke sath milkar jaanbujhkar aisa karte he ? Mera yahi manna he... jisse sach samne na aa paye or janta gol gol ghumti rahe... (brahmins 5 %) muslims 14.2 percent , s.c 16.6 , s.t 8.6 , obc 40.94 , sikhs 1.72 , christians 2.3 , budhdhist 0.7 , jain 0.37 ... now look who are the real minorities and majorities... hindutva = brahminism + varnashram dharm . . .

@ravikchandar See that's our biggest challenge. In dictatorship the media is seen as part of the government. Here a majority still views it as an independent body which is telling the truth when it praises the government.

It's a whole new challenge that we are facing, something I don't recall reading in history. Because of which we also need to come up with unique solutions to counter it. @BhavanaVarun

105 DAYS!

Media and people have stopped talking about Kashmir.

This can happens only in Banana republic.

@Deepsealioness So what if not my fault. I should do it just to make you feel better.
As I have said earlier, a social media which doesn't take a toll on mental health especially for politically aware and active people can only be realized if we heal for every wound by either apologizing or through praise/appreciation posts.

I just heard the video of what Ramdev said.
As would be expected of ppl like him, he has a problem with dalits, advasis asking for their rights.
Also, derides Periyar.
Is afraid of atheists, people who think. No surprise that 🙄
Calls it intellectual T'ism.
I am saddened and shocked hearing it....
Both at the same time.
Came back here for some respite.
Uff.. these people will ensure, the country is destroyed beyond recovery. 😣😣

@ravikchandar I specifically addressed my question to women but no I was just replying to another user that maybe men should have pms and all hell broke lose because fragile ego

@ravikchandar The admin needs to re-bind the username to a email though CLI :)

@iisherry @Gargron

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