I've made a few cool upgrades to Writing Streak during the past several days. Really happy about how it's coming together!

- Bright theme.
- Export rich text or markdown, filter the documents you want to export using search.
- Writing Prompts.
- Hotkeys help.
- Simple writing mode (write using only the 1000 most common words).
- Countless minor tweaks, improvements and bug fixes.

If you haven't tried Writing Streak yet - come check it out:


Hey everyone! I've just published a beta of my new app for writers -


It's a simple tool meant to help writers to develop a daily writing habit, achieve their writing goals, and track their progress.

If you're interested in this sort of thing - it'd be really awesome if you could check it out and let me know what you think. I'm looking for any feedback, first impressions, your thoughts on what could be better.

Hey everyone! I've just deployed my new cool habit tracking app:


Come check it out, I'd really love to hear what you think! =)

(note that it's in early beta, bugs are possible)

Added some awesome features to Nulis, really proud of those!

- There's now a github-like calendar of your daily wordcount and a writing streak, allowing you to track your progress and develop good writing habits.

- There's a pretty cool tool for browsing writing prompts - nulis.io/prompts, it is not a part of the Nulis app, but is super useful for my fiction writing process.

- And also you can export trees as markdown now, so that's nice =)

I have tried to organize, summarize, and simplify everything I've learned about building an online business in one diagram.

The goal is to have an overview of the the main lanes I can explore, things I should be thinking about.

Now I have main categories, so I can list and prioritize things I should focus on, to optimize what's important.

This is the first draft version, it'll evolve and improve.

2nd image - applying relevant stuff to Nulis.

I hope you'll find it useful!

Implemented a lovely search function, which allows you to conveniently filter all the cards. You can add to cards, and then search by them, that will neatly categorize things.

Also fixed the bugs you guys told me about, and made it look prettier on mobile! Still not really usable on my smartphone, but at least you can view the trees nicely.

mastodon.social/media/QOOmGNUM mastodon.social/media/ipXJ0_mA

Alpha version of Nulis is online! I'm so happy =)


Nulis is a tree editor for writers, making the process of outlining your stories, articles, and books easy and convenient.

Come check it out! I would really love to hear what you think about it.

(For now Nulis works best in Chrome, and there's no mobile version yet.)

The first 100 early adopters who will test it and send me some feedback or bug reports will receive free lifetime accounts!

Before there's an official functionality for account migration, do you guys think we should have a convention for letting people know that the account has moved to a new instance?

To avoid confusion, I propose replacing an avatar of an inactive with this image, and leaving a link to the main account in the profile's description.

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