I watched two very different movies this week: Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and Pig. Objectively, Pig is the better movie. Imagine John Wick as written by foodies -- his dog is a truffle-hunting pig. 7GV, conversely, was a hot mess, and yet ... so full of creator-juice!!! It's a clear mixup of Hammer Horror and Shaw Bros Wuxia. Could easily be turned into an RPG scenario.

Written in 1930, predicting the future in fictional hindsight. Also Martian cloud people and human-created human giant brains with vestigial bodies and factory lungs. Yep.

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In a sane and just world, all indie #ttrpg books would look like mid-1970s science textbooks.

I'm getting addicted to note-taking in Obsidian. I'm hoping this isn't note-taking for the sake of note-taking and that it will inform my projects. I do think it will. It has already proven useful in terms of output - you can see my G75 work in Obsidian export form at my Patreon for instance (open to non-patrons).

Dice and non-alcoholic beverage for tonight’s Eternal Atlanteans

One clear no-no with Gamesience dice is to use acetone. You might have guessed that but I was desperate to rehab this old d20. Someone had inked whole sides with nail polish (?) and I couldn’t get it off with my go-to (dry erase board wipes) or anything else short of sanding it offf. Acetone worked but partially melted the surface of the die. Compare the acetone “blurred” die left to the minty fresh one on the right which I got inside an SPI game I bought on eBay.

Any GameScience dice experts out there? This is part of my current collection. I am obsessed with inking them. LOL. But I have questions ... best way to remove old wax? What kind of cleaners are likely to do more harm than good (e.g. melt the dice)?

A little mindless solo Maze Rats tonight in the hotel room using online random generators for characters and the dungeon.

I guess the point being that it's easy to overlook the experiences you have in search of experiences you want.

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Been thinking about (singing in my head) Lennon's "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." So much of that applies to gaming. Gaming is what happens when you are busy making other plans for more gaming. Hah.

"Readers should always bear in mind that simple rules are not necessarily unrealistic, which all too common misconception has resulted in some monstrously turgid and hideously complex rulebooks being produced in the name of realism." -- Neil Thomas in One Hour Wargames

@KevinAllenJr Did you write the game Primitive, "back in the day?"

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