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> Please stop voting for white men. Under all circumstances. For any elected position. For the foreseeable future. Period.
> Thank you in advance.
@djsundog Under all circumstances you say :-)? Okay…
Whom should one vote for if one choice is Ksenia Sobchak or Natalia Poklonskaya and the other is Alexei Navalny or Pavel Grudinin?
And in the United States that would justify Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, right %)?

@xrevan86 @djsundog Yeah, the original poster didn't think his logic through.

@djsundog @rbeexpert It was so easy to find counter-examples there.
Could be because Russian politics has so many women like that.
Also from the top of my head: Irina Yarovaya, Yelena Mizulina (she called Wikipedia a lobby of pedophiles %)), Valentina Matviyenko.
@djsundog I guess I am trying to say, despite that simple "controversial" slogans like "men are evil, literally never vote for men" work way better on the masses, in the end they just make regular not privileged (i.e. not obesely rich) people fight each other over semantics, and not fight for, you know, social justice, equal opportunities for every single person, no matter what social group that person is from.

And no matter what gender, people are going to stay people, humans.
Women are not all infallable goddesses, when you're setting an impossible standard on them – they are going to let you down.
And I don't think disappointment is what feminism needs right now.
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