@darius Hi, so I think I'm ready to move forward with the Express ActivityPub project you've created as the starting point. I know how to create a new user using the API. I know how to create a new message published to a user's followers using the API. But, is there an API to make a user follow another user? Or does this have to be manually set in the SQLite database? How is this done?

@rbe_expert it does not support following FROM an account on the server. You'll have to add that. I'm pretty clear in the readme about what features are supported. It literally only sends messages to the feeds of users who follow it. That's it. It's meant to be the soonest possible useful implementation but of course you can build on it.

@darius Thanks, I do intend to build on it. Thanks. (P.S., so in the starting point you provide, you need to actually use the admin account/password to create a user? I'm probably going to do away with that requirement in my version.)

@rbe_expert yes. Otherwise anyone could create a user, which I didn't want by default but if you want it, by all means go ahead!

@darius I'm sorry, is the api/inbox functionality broken? When I ngrok and use the other suggested links in browser, it works; but when I try <ngrok domain>/api/inbox as suggested, I get a 404

@darius Ah, so how do I retrieve from the inbox for a particular user? Is there a GET?

@rbe_expert there's no API for that, the way you read the inbox is by querying the DB. You'll need to add an API endpoint to do that

@rbe_expert the server throws away any inbox message that isn't a Follow type, you can see that in the inbox route code.

@darius Also, I thought the ActivityPub spec had actors POSTing to an outbox, instead of an inbox, which handled the activity for the actor's followers

@rbe_expert although I'm taking about server to server which is the only spec I'm implementing. It might be different on client to server

@darius Ah, that's an important distinction. Thank you. I'm definitely very interested in adding to this implementation. Would you review it if I did so? I'd have to create some unit tests too.

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