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So #Mozillians..

I see you. 👋

There has been a new, obvious, and continuing flow of your lovely faces in the last 14 days.

Was it DWebSummit & tl;dr that drove you to take action or perhaps something else?

Keep testing instances. Spin up your own if you're game. Ping me if you wish to pick my brain.

Us early adopters felt quite lonely until recently. A warm personal WELCOME to Mastodon!

Humans are not superior to other animals, but some actions are way better to others.

According to a recent developer survey @notepad_plus is the 3rd most popular code editor. Developed for Windows but now available as a Snap for 😮🗒 🐧

snap install notepad-plus-plus

t.co/dui27beSJN t.co/fyGFYkLwuv tweeted by @ubuntu

RT @vladsavov: I'm giving Firefox a fresh chance, because everyone using Chrome for everything is a bad idea. t.co/4aMrnqp6RY tweeted by @Firefox

Twenty years! 🎂 🎉

It’s been two decades since we first logged on as the Mozilla project and got started bringing together the creative power of programmers around the world.

Still, we’re just getting started. t.co/5P9CypHsQ6 tweeted by @mozilla

What's your favorite Mastodon client for Android? Looking for suggestions...

Must be open source software

Facebook said it’s taken steps to “limit developer access to detailed friend data”, but Facebook’s current default settings leave a lot of questions unanswered, and a lot of data flying around.

Tell Facebook: this can't happen again: t.co/f6fq2SlfHE tweeted by @mozilla

After few hours of coding deployed a bot which will fetch tweets posted from the official mozilla accounts and post it on mastodon.

Follow the bot here => mastodon.social/@moznews

Tooting from , India. The weather is so fucked up. Long day ahead 😄

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