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I can't afford to host these bots anymore. These bots will stop working on 1st april. Enjoy the last few days.

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As a part of the launch of Destination Linux Network, we want to give back! Suggest your favorite #charity and we'll pick various ones to sponsor as a community throughout the year.

Please use the forum (not replies here) so we can track your answers!


On this episode I have a very candid conversation with #Linux advocate Christopher Scott, a #Microsoft employee who's fighting for change inside the company, and trust outside of it.


*A Discovery of the Week to get your game library organized

*Slovenian FOSS musician Luka Prinčič introduces a fantastic Song from the Source

*Liam Dawe of @gamingonlinux stops by to tell you about one of his favorite Linux games

Guess what day it is?

It’s update your passwords day!

Here’s 5 tips for creating stronger, hacker-proof passwords. tweeted by @Firefox

Sorry mastozens! I forgot to pay the server bills, took care of it today. The bots should work now I guess. @moznews @ubuntunews @flatpakappsnews

Total time to install Pop OS, a modern #Linux desktop operating system, to a normal SSD. Including user input and setting up user account.

Under 4 minutes. Including your graphics driver and hardware drivers. All working out of the box

And a full office suite preinstalled...

Walking into a local store and an employee runs up to me with a clipboard asking me to sign my consent for the store to process my private data and also says that if I continue to hang out in the store I'm giving my consent implicitly, and I just try to ignore them but they keep shoving the clipboard in my face as I'm looking around the store

On the affects of shit-talking projects people work on 

From time to time I take a look at who's talking about GNOME here to see if there are people I can help, issues that either need reporting or that I can point them to, etc. When I do this, sometimes I come across people talking crap about GNOME. It truly sucks to come across these posts.

People are not their code, but they put effort into their work. To have people come along and dismiss that work as "a flaming pile of 💩" is demoralizing, as it trivializes their effort and makes them feel unappreciated. It's fine to not like a piece of software. Different people have different needs, which is why there's multiple pieces of software for any one task. That does not make the software that does not fit your needs terrible.

The thing that bothers me the most about these posts is that they aren't constructive at all. There's no specific issue that anyone can work on, no real reasoning to dwell on. They just want to trash the work you and others have done. It makes me angry and frustrated.

why organize tech workers? 

> why organize? don't you, as a software dev, get paid enough?

1. no, i don't
2. without my knowledge or consent, things i've made have killed people, and my only options were to shrug or quit
3. work should not give you PTSD
4. worker rights and communal welfare is about more than pay. it's about power dynamics, accountability, representation, and taking the craft back from the profiteers who readily dispose of us

So #Mozillians..

I see you. 👋

There has been a new, obvious, and continuing flow of your lovely faces in the last 14 days.

Was it DWebSummit & tl;dr that drove you to take action or perhaps something else?

Keep testing instances. Spin up your own if you're game. Ping me if you wish to pick my brain.

Us early adopters felt quite lonely until recently. A warm personal WELCOME to Mastodon!

Humans are not superior to other animals, but some actions are way better to others.

According to a recent developer survey @notepad_plus is the 3rd most popular code editor. Developed for Windows but now available as a Snap for 😮🗒 🐧

snap install notepad-plus-plus tweeted by @ubuntu

RT @vladsavov: I'm giving Firefox a fresh chance, because everyone using Chrome for everything is a bad idea. tweeted by @Firefox

Twenty years! 🎂 🎉

It’s been two decades since we first logged on as the Mozilla project and got started bringing together the creative power of programmers around the world.

Still, we’re just getting started. tweeted by @mozilla

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