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The plot thickens on Paul Engelhard’s ban from the bird site. A bunch of my friends who have access to the head honchos of Twitter approached them about it, not even they could fix it. Apparently this is a German Twitter hate speech issue. Now I have to compose a tweet in German and @ German Twitter...which is my least favorite thing to do. My German isn’t that great anymore. Plus, I have to address German hate speech laws. Sigh.

@Lexialex So him decrying Nazis somehow ran afoul of German laws designed to prevent Nazism's re-emergence? I'm guessing he shared a photo or something with banned iconography?

@Agentfoo no photo. He was mass reported by right wing Germans.

@Lexialex Ugh, that's... ugh. Yet again, the apparatus of the state gets hijacked by the hard right.

@Agentfoo I know. I’m pissed off and people are either clueless or complacent about this

Richard Cosgrove

@Lexialex @Agentfoo I’m convinced the only way Twitter will change is if its shareholders fire all of its board and corporate officers with people who give a damn about the company screwing up.