sometimes you just see songs titled "maybe they will sing for us tomorrow" and know they're gonna be good

just heard a lawnmower and thought "this would make for a good drone track"

starting to get the feeling that installing gcc 6 on ubuntu 20.10 is literally harder than understanding quantum physics

remember when we all used to use request instead of axios FeelsWowMan

me but for every package I order that gets stuck in international shipping limbo I get faster

getting ever so slightly more depressed after starting to play omori and listening to twin size mattress on repeat for an unhealthy amount of time

just unbricked my phone by manually flashing a recovery image using dd inside adb shell

just crashed firefox by accidentally logging an mp3 file to the console as a string, how's your friday going

want to make a bootleg of the minecraft soundtrack but every song is on its own 7" and the labels look like the ones in the actual game

spending more time searching for movies to watch than actually watching them

just tried to log in to my nextcloud and now I can't access my server anymore

losing my mind after learning about biblically accurate angels like LOOK AT THEM AND TELL ME THEY'RE NOT BADASS AS F U C K

want to go hike up a mountain at 1 am and listen to mount eerie's "no flashlight"

waiting to get into a private torrent tracker for two weeks before realizing that I had an account since 2017, thanks to my password manager

reminder that the source code for 7zip is available only in a 7zip archive

my twitter account is so chaotic because sometimes i'll retweet some graphic design but the tweet below literally reads "69 terashits per megafart"

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