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Start the new year by finding a way to create a little joy, no matter how small or fleeting

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Had my first group of French tourists stop me and ask for directions today. Quite impressed that they were looking for the LampLighter (solid local ale pub) rather than the usual tourist drivel.

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Bit more overcast today (and windy as hell) but despite that enjoyed a lovely 18 at the rather challenging Windermere Golf Club. Very distracting to have these kind of views from the tee!

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🔖 PyPI as a Service - Dustin Ingram dustingram.com/articles/2019/0
“In the wake of recent layoffs at #NPM, I noticed some folks talking about the two extremes that are NPM and #PyPI. To compare: …”
#python #nodejs #opensource #vc #business #floss

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Incredible to think that in about a fortnight, we'll be BEGGING to go back to Drugs Week in the Tory leadership contest, and marvelling that we imagined it had to be rock bottom twitter.com/hzeffman/status/11

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OMG! Get your podcasting ears ready! It's a new episode of the Localhost Podcast! In this episode @robdudley@twitter.com and @markdrew@twitter.com get all up in your security!


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Me: Can I put a poster up for Stroud Pride?
Shop Owner: Sure! That’s for the gays isn’t it?
Me: It’s for everyone!
Shop Owner: Are you..
Me: ...yes I’m...
Shop Owner: Do you know anything about wind chimes?
Me: I...
Shop Owner: Or is that lesbians?

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 Tim Berners-Lee, , inventor of the World Wide Web 💻 Here's the computer he used to design it (complete with 'this computer is a server! DO NOT POWER DOWN!!!' sticker 😂) now on display @sciencemuseum@twitter.com ow.ly/uIYg30khVqY 💻💻

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"Leaver: I want an omelette".

Utterly brilliant analogy for Brexit today.

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Pavlov: the dogs salivate when I ring a bell

Me: weird. Why?

Pavlov: they connect two unrelated events due to repeated conditioning

Me: haha stupid animals

Pavlov: the experiment took 69 days

Me: nice

Pretty much the only thing they announced that I’ll use … also another “Apple steals another firms livelihood moment” … Duet anyone?
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MacBook now allows you to use an iPad as a remote display. You can use the Pencil on your iPad while using Mac apps.


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How to access the field test mode on an iPhone:

// This sounds super sketchy, but I swear it works.

1. On phone screen, dial:
2. Hit call button

Result: All sorts of interesting (well to me 😂) info on your cell network & reception.

Lazy summer days perfect for a cold pint at @cockandbottleroyalsquare@instagram.com

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