> From Hijras in India to māhūs in Hawaii, there have always been people whose gender doesn’t fit into the stereotype of what it means to be a man or woman.

> The notion that both sex and gender are binary […] is a social construct.

– Mere Abrams, healthline.com/health/transgen


> One of the many forms of Shiva, a principal Hindu deity, involves him merging with his wife, Parvati, to become the androgynous Ardhanari, who holds special significance to many in the Hijra community.
– Sridevi Nambiar, theculturetrip.com/asia/india/

> The duality in the nature has always fascinated human mind, when the two entities exist separately and within each other at the same time. A human being is not a pure unisexual organism. Each human organism bears the potentiality of both male and female sex.

> [Ardhanarishwar] represents duality of Shiva and Parvati in an immaculate balance, where they depend on each other, assimilate in each other, at the same time preserve their identity.

– Rajashree Oak, classicalclaps.com/ardhanari-t

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