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@pixelfed well thats a good argument for leaving registrations open.

The smaller instances on a new fediverse tend to be more volatile so will come and go. Pixelfed will need at least one instance that ppl can rely on until more instances become more robust 😊

@bclindner Mastodon is kinda heavy resource wise. I just did a install of it and Pleroma. Pleroma wins by a long shot for resource usage and management, on a single user setup. Besides the fact I like the direction they are headed.

Each year, the Nieman Lab solicit predictions for the future of journalism. Mine is a call to action for publishers to help build the internet they need:

I've decided to go dark on all social media, including Mastodon, for the rest of 2018. Here's why I'm doing it - and how to stay in touch with me.

@halfcutskeleton @ordinarylava yes, it's the constant battle against keeping an eye on changed settings when a new browser comes out quite regularly that wears people down. And unchecking the default google, bing or amazon search in firefox is something people can forget to do. That possum extension which deliberately sends out false data is a good idea too. disrupts the #SurveillancecCapitalism algorithms. lol

@dublinux I forgot to add Au-revoir Utm to remove the utm crap in URLs

@dublinux you can also add HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Possum and Decentraleyes.

for a long time the received wisdom was that one of the best ways to browse more safely with #firefox was using #PrivacyBadger from #EFF:
and uBlockOrigin (can be found on
Any updates?

I use Ubuntu and a Google-free LineageOS phone, Firefox, Ublock Origin, Pi-Hole... I was gonna set up DNS-over-HTTPS, but now I find out that T-Mobile is selling my location data anyway. At some point it feels like privacy is just impossible

I can see why normal people just throw their hands up in the air about data privacy. I've put so much effort into this stuff, but instead of feeling like a super-cool guy in a spy movie, I feel more like a guy with a half-working phone and no decent emoji input

Moving CSS into JS adds a barrier preventing people not already deep in JS land from styling stuff. Doing CSS the classical way means you lose the advantages of JS infrastructure (dependency management, avoiding a global namespace). For authors of generic components, both suck.

I'm hitting a bit of a wall here

Interpretation of Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” by For Freedoms featuring musician and poet Saul Williams (standing right).

Developers and designers, please be careful when using pure black with animation and scrolling. 😀

This is because changing pixels to and from pure black is slower than changing to and from other colours.

What does OLED black smearing look like? In this example, the dark grey square seems to be lagging behind the light grey square, but they’re locked together. (Needs to be viewed on an OLED screen.)

It makes me a bit sad because those first impressions and first-time user difficulties can't really ever be replicated by the same person again. This is a unique chance to see things in a new light and fix pain points.

Feedback like this is rare because no one thinks to do it or collect it in one place as it happens. Unfortunately since it's rare, it seems like an outlier and therefore not important to act on.

My gut is that most of the time, people respond assuming #1 which blinds us to opportunities to improve things if we had just instead assumed #2.

When getting feedback on software, I think it's important to consider that there are at least two common positions that the person might be coming from:

1- They really just want to do X but can't figure out how to do X. They don't care too much how X is accomplished - as long as X is possible and they learn how to do it.

2- They know or can guess how to accomplish X, but they don't like the process and wish it was easier/better/faster to do X.

The trick is telling them apart.

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