Scientists declare they can wipe out Covid-19 along with any/all of its side effects by tomorrow, but doing so gives all spiders the ability to fly from now on. What the scientists do is based on a global vote.
What say you?

@reay no to covid-19 and yes to airborne arachnids sounds like a win-win to me!

@reay Covid could pass if people would stop being so dumb, and flying spiders would be forever so no

@abloo @LiziPancake Also, we're approaching month six of isolation protocols but infection numbers are still going up in too many purportedly smart countries due to a shocking number of people still being painfully dumb about really simple concepts.
So here science is giving us an out... they'll help everyone despite the damaging effect of the dummies, and all it takes is letting spiders like this cute l'il one with a raindrop on its head get to fly.

@draeath Indeed, although I̶'̶m̶ ̶ the scientists are talking more controlled flight than catching a ride on the wind/static charges. 🙂

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