Complete newbie to Linux who's been curious about it for years here.

Kindly tell me 1) If Linux can be installed on a laptop I'd like to keep Windows on (for now), 2) If so, if that's easy to do for someone not experienced with tech-speak or processes, 3) If that's so as well, what's the best/easiest/most stable version of Linux to look at installing, and 4) Where to go for dead-easy instructions on how to install it.

Thanks in advance!

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@reay Here you go my dude:

Ubuntu was one of the first Linuxes (Linuxi? Linii?) designed to be user-friendly and has a large user base. It is a bit of a resource hog. If your laptop is older, you might want to use Xubuntu, which is Ubuntu under the hood with a lighter front-end.

Linux doesnʼt Just Work. You WILL have to get comfortable using a command line and googling for solutions to things that break, no matter what Linux you choose.

@reay That said, youʼre in UNIX-land now, which means that the way things work (and break) will generally have an elegance and logic to them. Itʼs a lot easier to fix things that break on Linux than to fix things that break on Windows, in my experience.

Greetings mate.
1) Yes
2) You can dual boot Windows and Linux with the grub bootloader. You may need to do a bit of searching for the best tutorial for your learning style but it is relatively easy.
3) Try this site to find the best distro for your needs
4) Depending on what you choose, go straight to their website and access their wiki pages.
Hope this helps and good luck!

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