If you need further proof of the fundamental contradictory nature of capitalism and how it negates human nature, look no further than the fact that corporations and the profit-driven market still vehemently oppose climate change initiatives. Profit is chosen over existence itself

Being "good deep down" doesn't count. There's magma deep down everywhere you walk. Doesn't make your house a volcano.

Wasn't expecting these 18th century haikus to sound like modern day discourse, but I'm enjoying it

:molotov: just so you mother fuckers know i now have molotovs. so if you mother fuckers make any mother fucking bad posts i will set them on fire. be warned :molotov:

My naked body looks like an unbaked croissant draped across a chaise.

Het people think that bisexuals must have crushes on all our friends but the truth is that it's only 90-95% of them.

After years of extensive research, I have determined that it in fact do be like that sometimes.

Everybody talks about the lofi anime girl studying, but nobody talks about the dope beats being played with the lofi orange Alf-creature holding a brick.

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